Photo by briscoe savoy

Photo by briscoe savoy

Sarah Aili (eye-lee)

A Northern California native and NYC transplant, Sarah now roots herself in Nashville, TN and is an artist in every sense of the word. Largely influenced by Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Bette Midler, Billie Holiday, Jewel, Adele, Ingrid Michaelson, The Beatles and countless other talents, NYC, CA and Nashville, Sarah's range as a singer and story teller covers a multitude of genres including Folk, Americana, Pop, Country, Jazz, Rock and Musical Theater. While performing in theater for years, Sarah has been focused on songwriting and has spent much of this past year in the studio in preparation for the upcoming release of her first full length record, SESSIONS. With two EPs under her belt, website, video, social media footprint, a Spring/Summer 2016 Tour in the works and plans for the next record, Sarah is fully emersed in the music.

Photo by Chris Helton

Eric Erdman

Like any great songwriter Eric Erdman draws songs from experiences. Luckily he’s had more than his share of adventures and his repertoire reflects it.

After a 15 year stint as lead singer and primary songwriter for the rock band, The Ugli Stick, Eric has explored his true love, the acoustic story song.

He released “My Brother’s Keepers” in 2012, followed by “Color the Silence” in 2013. Songs from these albums won songwriting awards nationally and internationally.

Eric’s latest album, “Not Slowing Down”, was recorded in Muscle Shoals. It is loaded with eclectic songs. There’s 70’s funk, some pop rock ballads, and even a reggae murder mystery. “To me, being a true artist is being a tracker, hunting for that next spark that electrifies you, then genuinely listening to where it is going. l wouldn't say it is leading you per se, but it will tell you where it is headed. It is then up to you to catch up .... So I search for those sparks every day, in every situation...whether it be serious, sad, or happy. When I find one that lights me up .... the chase is on. It is this chase that keeps me from slowing down.”

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