Live Version of "Rocket" from the stage production "Box of Letters", filmed at the Beast Next Door (4251 27th St Long Island City, NY) Oct 9, 2015. Videographer/ Director - Lacy Wittman Editor - Luke Norby


Reminiscent to the sound of old time jazz standards, Aili & Erdman have created a set of acoustic songs that are feel good and familiar. While they have become a part of the story in Box Of Letters, these songs stand alone.

The Music

 A modern day coupla songwriters run into each other at an antique shop on a Saturday afternoon and together find a box of old love letters from the 1930's between a girl named Elsa and a fella named Joe. They pick it up and set the lover's story to song, all the while finding parallels to their own lives.

The Story ›

Sarah Aili & Eric Erdman are a coupla songwriters who met in Nashville, TN in May 2013. In the midst of a writing session where they were planning for their usual Americana/Pop style of writing, they stumbled upon a jazzy melody with lyrics reminiscent to old time standards, a favorite for both. With no hesitation, they followed that thread and before they knew it, they had another couple songs in the same fashion and then another couple and another couple more. In no time they had a series of songs, a storyline in-between them and the characters to tell it.

The Players ›