New York & Box of Letters Project

"Hey Eric, wanna come play a show in New York with me and write a bunch more songs together while we're out there? I've got a place you can stay, butchya hafta cat-sit a coupla kitties in exchange." "Yah, that sounds great. I actually used to be an assistant at a Vet's office. Count me in." 

We both arrive to NYC on the 5th of October and by the late afternoon on the 7th, we have five more songs written. At this point, that's eight total including the three we had from the previous months. Thank goodness for watering holes close by stocked with coffee and breakfast sandwiches or else we woulda forgotten to eat! So we've got this handful of songs and we're excited about them and then our buddy Peter Galperin comes over and the three of us sit down to write a song together that winds up being the tipping point that sends us into a narrative about the characters in the story and the journey to BOX OF LETTERS begins. 

We had a blast singing' these tunes around NYC at the UltraShultz Loft Show, on the streets right outside SmallsNYC in Greenwich Village, at The Path Cafe and The Duplex on Christopher Street, at  The Beast Next Door in LIC, at Tsion Cafe and in Patricia Ju's living, well, writing room in Harlem. We wound up in front of a camera making videos, taking photos and participating in an interview for The Huffington Post with Michael C. Bryan. What a whirlwind four day run! We're currently collaborating with a team of players in the making of what will become a performance project, BOX OF LETTERS. We will also be treating this project as a song series and will record them & perform them in concert.

Thank you for your continued support. We are over the moon to keep you in the loop as to what's next for BOX OF LETTERS PROJECT. Jump on our email list and we'll keep in touch! 

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